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Home-Start Rochdale Borough became an umbrella body for the Criminal Record’s Bureau in July 2004. Sharon Pearson is the Lead Signatory for this umbrella body.

As from 1st December 2012, the CRB merged with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) to become the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).

Accessing Disclosures for staff members, Trustees and Volunteers can be both complicated and time consuming. Since many Registered Body organisations became de-registered due to the new threshold of completing at least 100 applications per month, Home-Start Rochdale became an umbrella body organisation to help support other schemes.

All Home-Start schemes in and around the North West Region can now access this service.

The Process

An information pack will be sent to you, along with an Agreement form, questionnaire and any relevant information you may need.

Once you have read your information pack, you will then need to decide who would be the person in your organisation to make the recruitment decisions. This person would need to sign the Agreement in the relevant section. You would also need to consider if anyone else may be needed to help process Disclosures. If they are, they also need to sign the relevant section on the Agreement form. Once you have completed this, simply return the Agreement along with your annual fee of £25 and your completed questionnaire with a request for how many Disclosures you will need.

The Fees
Annual membership fee ~ £25.00 per year
Employee Disclosure ~ £54.00 per Disclosure
Volunteer Disclosure ~ £12.00 per Disclosure

The new three route process is

Route one – you have enough ID to verify the applicant – send form off as usual

Route two – you do not have enough ID to verify the applicant but do have some documents.  These copies will need to be sent with the application form to the umbrella body for them to verify and send off. There will be a quick pass or fail.  If this does not pass, then the umbrella body will be in touch. A pass will be sent off as usual.  Home-Start Rochdale Borough have joined a group named Compliance Assist, who will be the company to verify this ID and Sharon Pearson as the Lead Signatory is the person to complete these tasks.

Route three – you do not have any ID to verify the applicant – the applicant will need to be invited to the Police Station for fingerprints to verify this person.  A letter will arrive for the applicant to contact the DBS saying they have no more ID.  There is usually a two week time limit for this contact before your application is cancelled.  Once verified, the applicants fingerprints will be destroyed.


As from 17th June 2013, you can subscribe to the new update service when you next apply for a DBS check and you may never need to apply for one again.

How to subscribe to the update service:~

Step 1: You can join the update service by using the application form reference number, or the unique reference number on the resulting DBS certificate within 19 days of its completion date.

Go to to subscribe to the update service.

Step 2:
Enter your date of birth by selecting the month, then the year, then the day.
Check your date of birth is correct, it isn’t you can enter the date manually in the format DD/MM/YYYY.
Select whether you are applying with your DBS application form or with your DBS certificate.

Step 3: Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the service and then enter your personal details – these must match those on your application form or DBS certificate.

Step 4: Answer the question ‘Does the above application/DBS certificate relate to a voluntary position?

Step 5: Make the payment for subscription fee (if relevant).  This is not needed for volunteers.
A payment confirmation screen will confirm whether payment was successful.
If the application form/DBS certificate was issued for a voluntary position, the subscription is free-of-charge.

You have now joined the update service!

If you have joined with your DBS application form reference number, your subscription will start from the date of issue printed on your DBS certificate. If, for some reason your application form is withdrawn, your subscription fee will be refunded and your subscription cancelled.

Please use any of the following attachments:~

Attachments are as follows:~

Applicant’s Guide to Portability

Employer’s Guide to Portability

Continuation Sheet for applications

Consent form for schemes to use

For your information

  1. Any items sent by post to and from your organisation relating to Disclosures, you MUST mark your envelope ‘Strictly Private and Confidential’ for the addressee only.

    2. Always use black ink only.

    3. Always make sure section E on the Disclosure forms have been read, ticked and signed by the applicant within the box and in black ink.

    4. Ensure all sections in yellow boxes have been completed.

    5. Some sections will now show as ‘not used’.

    6. If there are not enough boxes/spaces on the form for addresses or surnames etc, please use the attached continuation sheet.

    7. The agreement person must verify the original ID documents and tick the appropriate boxes on the application form.

    8. Photocopies do not need to be sent to the umbrella body with the application form unless you need to complete a route two process, where the applicant does not have enough ID to be verified on the application form.

    9. Please remember, under the new process, if you find you have virtually no ID for the applicant, a route three process will be required. This will involve going for fingerprints taken, to verify the person. Once approved, these fingerprints will be destroyed.

    10. The agreement person must check the form, verify the documents and complete sections W and X of the application form before sending to the umbrella body for processing.

    11. On line 61 – please put the relevant workforce i.e. for Volunteers and Coordinators, you will need to put ‘Child and Adult Workforce’, for Trustees and Administrators who don’t home visit, you will also put ‘Child and Adult Workforce.

    12. On the second line of number 61, please put the title such as Coordinator, home visiting or Trustee.

    13. Anyone who doesn’t visit a family alone for more than four times in any month, then they are not entitled to the barred list checks. This applies to mainly admin and Trustees in schemes.

    14. Use large stamps when posting in A4 envelopes and always check the weight of the envelope accordingly.

    15. Disclosures are currently taking from 2-4 weeks’ time to complete.

    16. Applicants receive their copy at home and schemes will need to contact the applicant to check their DBS as from 17th June 2013. PLEASE NOTE:~ SCHEMES WILL NO LONGER RECEIVE DBS COMPLETED DISCLOSURES FROM THIS DATE! Applicants only receive their completed disclosure.

    17. Once you have checked against the barred list and made your decision, you must log the details, lock these away securely and then pass the disclosure back to the applicant.

    18. The Code of Practice must be adhered to at all times.

    19. You will receive an annual questionnaire to be completed by your scheme and returned to Sharon Pearson. This is to help you with any training or support needs and is part of the umbrella bodies Quality Assurance. An Evaluation will also be sent to all persons using this service for feedback.

Online Tracking

You are able to track your DBS disclosures by logging onto www.dbsupdateservice/online-tracking
You will need your form reference number and applicants date of birth to enable you to track the progress of an application form.  This will show you which stage your disclosure is at.  Stage 4 of an application needs to be at 60 days before we can chase this up with the Police.

New Contact Numbers and Support
Sharon Pearson/Lead Signatory ~ Home-Start Rochdale Borough – 01706 629651

For Umbrella Body support Email Sharon Pearson @ or ring 01706 629651 between the hours of 8.30am until 4pm Monday to Friday.  for all guidance and information for the main page for accessing anything relating to DBS, online tracking, registering, guidance for applications and much more (add this to your homepage)

For DBS customer services email ~

DBS contact number for enquiries ~ 03000 200 190


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